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TOP 2 Opportunities at the TIS2019

Start Building  Your Instant B2B and B2C Data
Data is leading the new era of Hospitality and Tourism in the digital age “restaurants, hotels, or airlines.” Big and small companies focus on data to improve their CX (Customer Experience), increase sales, develop new products and services, and extend to new marketplaces. More than 20 businesses will be participating at the first annual Tourism Innovation Summit as exhibitors, 50 global and local industry leaders, with over 300 participants and more than 2000 local and international visitors to connect directly with your business.

Build Your H&T Business Reputation: People no longer buy products or services because of good marketing alone, the ultimate decision to instantly book their next flight or hotel room is made mostly after “this read, this review from friends or family members from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.” As a representative of your business at the TIS2019, you will have the first impression on these potential customers/clients that will share their views on their social media network about your business. Imagine someone with over 2000 friends on Facebook, shares an opinion about your services, products, or their interaction with your employee, there’s a chance that 200 people see this post and base on this post, they will decide whether to do business with you or not.

At a BibiNètAlKole‘s show dedicated to women in tourism in Tech a few months ago, Shaina Silva, the CEO of WOCO and one of TIS2019 50 Global Speakers said “Tourism is one of the most important mechanisms for driving economic development in Haiti” She added, in this very moment, where the Haitian tourism Industry is facing various difficulties, the stakeholders can not afford not to have a conversation on long term solutions, Jobs creation, while building a better future for Haiti. You can Join The Conversation This June

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