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Top 3 quotes From Nancy Douyon at TIS2019 – Understanding How People Think and Feel Makes Better Product

Nancy Douyon joined our list of 50 industry leaders in Cap-Haitien this weekend to share her expertise and experience the unique Cap-Haitien Tourism product. Who is Nancy? She is a trailblazer in human experience design with over 15 years of industry experience building scalable user research platforms and revitalizing user interfaces at leading companies such Uber, Google, IBM, Cisco, and Intel. Throughout her career, Nancy has gained a reputation for delivering big results in a culturally honest and purposeful way with hundreds of products deployed in over 80 countries worldwide. She consults globally on remote user research methods and development in emerging markets. Her past research examined design frameworks around the promotion, development, and implementation of global policies around user experiences in tech.

We make a selection of the top 3 quotes from Nancy during her presentation at the first annual Edition of the Tourism Innovation Summit.

1- There are opportunities here in Haiti, and we need to take them”

2- “We Need a place to learn from Others…Let’s not limit our advertising to just America and France”

3- The Gaps are where opportunities are and with them comes innovation, which is accounting for profits.

Davidson Toussaint, Founder of Tourism Innovation Summit, Nancy Douyon and Robin Diallo, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Haiti – Photo credit: Le Nouvelliste

TIS2019 honored Nancy Douyon for her work in the Tech industry, during the Women in Tourism & Tech cocktail, and event hosted by the US Embassy in collaboration with ATH and OGDNH.

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