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3 Quotes From Shaina Silva at TIS2019: We should think of investments beyond just cash

Shaina Silva is the founder of She_builds Global Initiative and WOCO, an award winning ecosystem architect, venture builder, and futurist.

In her ten years of building startup ecosystems in emerging markets across Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Shaina has worked alongside Government and Private sector to fuel industry focused transformation in Energy, Transport, Healthcare, Food & Ag, Education, and Finance. She is currently the Director of Industry Accelerators at RocketSpace, where she designs and manages programs that drive corporate innovation for fortune 500 companies, and catalyses global market access for the world’s most disruptive startups.

During the the the first edition of the Tourism Innovation Summit, Shaina has shared many insights. But we believe these three quotes impacted the the audience the most.

The best place to start is where we see a problem. If you see a pinpoint then there’s something start

We should think of investments beyond just cash

We talk about tourism in Haiti in the way that western tourism works. Think about the solutions that work for Haiti.

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