Five Reasons You Should Join TIS2020

Five Reasons You Should Join TIS2020

In less than two months, Tourism, sales, and marketing leaders will be gathering together on-site and online to participate in the second edition of the Tourism Innovation Summit and Haiti Tourism Week. Last year TIS not only impacted the local economy but the platforms also put the spotlight on local entrepreneurs through a great partnership with Travel Noire and Blavity Inc while allowing them to partake in different activities and our traditional TIS Market place.

This year we make a compilation of participants’feedbacks from different surveys to share with you the five main reasons you need to participate in this year’s event.

1- Flexibility

This year the event will be happening both on-site and online. You will be able to follow the event on-site and virtually, will also have an audio feature that will allow you to leave your computer any time and you will still be able to participate by simply listening.

2-  Meeting New People

It does not matter if you are following online or on-site, our virtual system will allow you to network with people, visit the TIS virtual market with our vendors (Expo), participate at our receptions, etc. 

3- Virtual Reality Tour

This year TIS will feature a virtual room on-site and online for the participant to be able to visit Cap-Haitien virtually with their VR Headset. When you buy a TIS launching Box you will receive a free headset to experience Cap-Haitien in a very unique way.

4- Get Back Your Energy

We are living in a very tough moment, the pandemic has a devastating impact on almost all of us, the tourism industry will become more competitive more than ever before. You need the energy to face the future, and no better way to start by connecting with like-minded individuals, who can inspire to become, do, and achieve more.

5- Learn and Visit Cap-Haitien

With more than 50 break-out sessions on different tracks from Entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, business strategy, and more. Everyone can learn something whether you are an executive of a large company or a new entrepreneur just trying to find the right tools for your new Business. You will also be able to visit one of the most hidden treasures of Haiti, the city of Cap-Haitien, a city that holds the history of Humanity and the new world. Where former slaves become the leaders of the first Black Republic in the western hemisphere. 

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