Ludvy Joseph

Ludvy Joseph


Ludvy Joseph was born and raised in Cap- Haitien and migrated to the United States in 2000. He was always a visionary, and a champion for community advancement in support of the vulnerable population in the United States and abroad.

Ludvy believes that education and financial literacy are key to economic self-sufficiency. He Co-founded Action Bridge in 2009, a 501(c)3 premier organization, with the sole purpose of empowering lives through financial fitness seminars, literacy training, and financial in-service. Since registered, Action Bridge has provided dozens of children in Haiti with a gift of education through its Child Sponsorship Program. Furthermore, parents of each sponsored child are eligible to partake in the Micro Loan Program. Such loan makes it possible for them to earn a living and provide for their family.  In the end, Ludvy s goal is to change and impact the world by giving a family the necessary tools to support their loved ones and be financially self-sufficient over a period of time.

In the United States, Ludvy through Action Bridge has provided more than $15000.00 to South Florida students by providing scholarships to students in needs. Such scholarships are awarded during its annual Luncheon and honor students with excellent academic achievements. Ludvy is a pioneer for community growth and he is very selective in honoring specific members of the community who shares his vision and passion for the wellbeing of the constituents.

In Haiti, Ludvy Joseph is currently the PDG of Fraternite Assurance. SA and which is a revolutionary platform that helps young Haitians to have their insurance business and become financially self-sufficient.

In the United States, Ludvy is presiding over Klass Insurance & Financial Services, LLC, a financial company dedicated to helping people secure their financial future by offering life insurance products that fit their income level and or specific situations. He loves to educate, empower, and serve his community through finance, investment literacy, therefore changing their outcome for the future one client at a time.