Sunrise Airways Our Flying Partner For Haiti Tourism Week 2020 in Cap-Haitien

Sunrise Airways Our Flying Partner For Haiti Tourism Week 2020 in Cap-Haitien

Last year Sunrise Airways, a local Haitian owned airline,  joined TIS as a partner to move more than two hundred people between Port au Prince and Cap-Haitien during the weekend of the Tourism Innovation Summit. Since the very start of its activities in 2012, the Company, aware of the vital economic importance of the link between the two largest cities in the country, has never stopped serving its first historic destination which is the Cap Haitien, including during the last six months of the pandemic, even assuming to fly with financial losses only for its civic responsibility. 

This year we have the honor once again to welcome them as one of the main sponsors of the second edition of the Tourism Innovation summit, also known as Haiti Tourism week. Sunrise will be transporting some of our key speakers including Grace Lee, Gary Coishy, and Chike Ukaegbu, etc to Cap-Haitien, where they will be addressing many subjects from Marketing tourism, sales, entrepreneurship, and strategic partnership to rebuild the tourism sector stronger.

Founded by Philippe Bayard, businessman and pilot, SUNRISE AIRWAYS develops its air network with the aim of connecting capitals and islands that share the same space and the same future in the Caribbean region. Sunrise Airways has set as a goal of connecting the Caribbean region by offering safe and punctual flights at the best price for users. Maintenance, customer service, frequency of flights, and the development of a true Caribbean network, respectful of users, and the environment are its highest concerns.

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