The potential economic impact of the Haitian tourism industry

The potential economic impact of the Haitian tourism industry

Haiti is part of a region where tourism is one of the most important economic activities. For thirty years, the Caribbean’seconomy is mainly based on tourism and makes up 70% of the economic activities of some countries in the region. As proof, tourism receipts in the Bahamas account for 75% of the value of exports of goods and services. 

Haiti, which itself has a significant comparative advantage over the island states of the region, can also benefit from this pool of opportunities. 

Indeed, in the framework of the first summit of the tourist innovation in Haiti, the potential economic impact of the Haitian Tourism industry was strongly discussed in a panel which included Mr. Fritz DUROSSEAU of the BRH, professor Etzer ÉMILE of the Quisqueya University, and economist Kathie-FLore FILS-AIMÉ with Moderator Stéphane E. Fouche of HAKO. 

Taking into account the role of the public authorities in the development of this sector, Mr. DUROSSEAU proposed, in his prolix intervention, a plan for the development of the poles of the restricted spaces in order to create an ecosystem to attract investments to this sector. 

Citing a study dated 2012 which revealed that the savings of the Haitian diaspora amounted to $5.1 billion and income to $25 billion, he said that the diaspora is willing to invest in this sector. 

For her part, the economist Kathie Flore believes that tourism development must be part of a global strategy and that we have a specific plan validated both economically and socially.

Additionally, Professor Etzer ÉMILE argues that the valorization of these national potentials that the country holds at the tourism level will have to go through an awareness and a national ambiance where the Haitians define the image they want and what they want to offer as a product. 

In short, tourism, through its transversality, can have an impact on the development of other sectors such as agriculture, trade, and construction to name a few. It is important to reformulate Haiti’s tourism story by addressing pitfalls from a modern-world perspective in order to fully realize the benefits of this sector. 

Finally, in the current context, it is important to redefine the Haitian tourism product, to improve the image of the country in order to reposition it on the tourist map of the world.

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