Turning Your Business Trip to Haiti into the Best Mini Vacation

Turning Your Business Trip to Haiti into the Best Mini Vacation

  • January 1, 2020
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Regardless of your current perception about Haiti and the way it has been portrayed in the media for many years, Traveling to Haiti for vacation is a tradition for many in the Diaspora community. Traveling to Haiti for business is not really for the older generation, but datas show that concept is slowly shifting as the younger generation has a more business approach when it comes to helping people in Haiti.

Haiti for many years has been known for its exotic beaches, great food and its mixed culture that blends excellent arts and music (Racine + Kompa), and most importantly its amazing people in the same package. That makes it the perfect place where doing business can perfectly combine with having some fun.

For your Business

We have a few places where, you can have a great meeting, and connect with local entrepreneurs; Places like Banj in Port au Prince or Centre Impact in Cap-Haitien. However, most people will prefer to meet in open space like Marriott in Port-au-Prince, or Hotel Du Roi Henry Christophe in Cap-Haitien, where they enjoy a great meal and have free wifi access to better conduct their business.

After Work, Time to Relax

After a long day working, travelers like myself, love to explore local restaurant or pub, in Haiti if you are in the Capital there are several places; from Shakers to Yanvalou, where you can enjoy some fantastic drinks, while listening to some of the best Haitian artists, or discover their playlist with an in house DJ

A weekend at The beach

I love Decameron, Cotes des Arcadins area, but it is not the only choice to spend one or several days by the beach away from all the city noises. I will usually spend my weekend in Cap-Haitien. I often enjoy either Kadras or Amiga Island. However, you can visit Haiti Tourism Inc facebook page for more options about beaches in Jacmel, Cap-Haitien or Cotes des Arcadins.

Local Drinks

I was in Berlin recently, and we traveled with a few bottles of Barbancourt, many Haitians from around the world consider it as Haiti National Rhum. Visitors from all countries fall in love with it and ask for more every time they tasted it. It would help you understand the magic, if you had a glass while you are in Haiti, can be found anywhere. Same for Prestige, the national beer, one of the best in the Caribbean.

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